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Facial Treatments
At Gemma’s Health & Beauty Spa, all our facial treatments are done with Thalgo products and by Thalgo’s high standards. Thalgo treatments are renowned for their incredible results. World leader and originator of the marine spa and beauty trend, Thalgo harnesses the riches of the sea so you can benefit from powerful healing, revitalising and rebalancing properites vital for health & well-being. Thalgo’s exceptional facials offer spectacular results in anti-ageing, hydrating, purifying and much more.

Thalgo has a facial to treat virtually any concern. All Thalgo facials begin with the “Discovery of the Sea” massage to ease tensions and immerse you in a relaxing aquatic cocoon. For best results, Thalgo recommends a course of 6 Facials, in conjunction with the accompanying homecare range to continue effectiveness.

Skin Consultation $25
Let us prescribe the perfect treatment and home care programme for you. Includes samples. Fee redeemable on products if purchased at time of consultation.
Thalgo Discovery Facial $75
The perfect express facial if you’re on the go, for an instant infusion of marine active ingredients, tailored to your skin type. After a relaxing welcome massage and cleansing ritual, a skin-specific mask is applied. While it acts on the skin, a soothing massage is carried out. When the mask is removed the Thalgo moisturiser and eye cream best suited to your skin is applied. After this pick-me-up, you will feel refreshed and relaxed and your skin will be glowing.
Thalgo 3 Algae Facial – Problematic Skin $99
Experience true marine beauty with this signature algae facial, suitable for all skin types. Following a relaxing welcome massage, the skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated. A mask of pure natural seaweed, known for its beauty-enhancing properties, is then applied to remineralise and revitalise the skin. Thalgo’s Heart of the Ocean massage with movemets which recreate the rythmic motions of the sea relaxes the facial muscles and relieves tension before an application of serum and moisturiser appropriate for your skin type complete the treatment, leaving your complexion soft, radiant and beautiful.
Signature Facial $95
Classical facials for creating radiant skin, a great way toexperience the Thalgo product range GREAT for Gift Vouchers.
Thalgo Hydra Marine Ritual $99
A moisture boosting delight for all skin types but particularly dehydrated. After a relaxing welcome massage, you skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated. A deeply-hydrating serum is applied with Thalgo’s signature Heart of the Ocean massage, after which a moisturising mask delivers intense and lasting hydration. An application of Hydra Marine 24h Gel Cream completes the treatment and leaves the skin rehydrated, its texture improved and the complexion smooth, plump and radiant.Cold
Thalgo Cold Cream Marine Facial
The SOS treatment for sensitive, fragile or reactive skin. After a calming welcome massage to immerse you in an acquatic cocoon, your skin is gently cleansed and refreshed. A repairing serum is applied with Thalgo’s signature Heart of the Ocean massage, after which a mask application infuses soothing plant extracts, including witch hazel and wheat germ oil, into the skin to banish irritation and redness. Finally, an application of Nutri-Soothing Cold Cream shields your skin from external aggression and irritation. Your skin is left fresh and luminous, with redness visibly reduced. $99
Dry Skin $99
A warm infusing mask with extract that results in a gentlebut intensive treatment to nourish, replenish & regenerate.
Anti Pollution Oxygen Facial $99
Protect your skin against pollution which suffocates and dulls the skin, and free radicals which damage the skin and accelerate ageing – and step into a relaxing bubble of oxygen. Thalgo’s revolutionary anti-pollution complex combats the three types of free radicals most harmful to the skin and creates a shield to help skin breathe and recover its radiance. After an energising cleansing ritual, the skin is detoxified, while a refreshing cool mask repairs and reinforces the skin’s barrier function. An oxygenating serum is applied with a relaxing massage. Finally,Oxygen defence is applied to protect the skin, leaving you refreshed and ready to face the world again. Ideal for city girls, this express facial is the perfect ‘pick me up’ for tired, stressed skin.
Collagen Radiance Facial
Give your skin a Collagen boost and correct the signs of ageing as they appear with this facial designed for first wrinkles, with instant anti-ageing results. After a relaxing welcome massage, a cleansing ritual adapted to your skin type, and intense exfoliation to smooth the skin and allow optimum penetration of the active ingredients is carried out, plus an expert anti-ageing massage to lift the features and help the skin drink in all the Marine College. The Collagen mask smoothes fine lines and has a plumping effect. While the mask takes effect, you will enjoy a relaxing hand massage and arm massage. After the treatment, your skin will be radiant, its collagen reserves restored.
Hyaluronic Smooth and Fill Facial
Correct the signs of ageing as they appear, with this smoothing and filling facial designed for age 35+ or for more pronounced wrinkles. After a relaxing welcome massage to immerse you in an acquatic cocoon, a cleansing ritual adapted to your skin type is carried out, followed by intense exfoliation to smooth the skin and allow optimum pentration of the active ingredients. Next, an expert anti-ageing massage lifts the features and helps the skin drink in all the Hyaluronic Acid. Targeted strips infused with Hyaluronic Acid Micropspheres are applied to wrinkles and areas of concern to plum out lines and reduces their appearance, while a Hyaluronic Mask is applied to the rest of the face to smooth the skin, leaving your complexionglowin. You’ll enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage while the mask is left to act. After the treatment, you will notice your lines are less pronounced and skin is younger looking.

Silicium Super-Lift Facial
Dare to defy time with this super lift facial, designed to combat all the signs of ageing at 45+ (loss of firmness, pronounced wrinkles). Relax and let yourself be immersed in an acquatic cocoon during the Thalgo cleansing ritual, adpated to your skin type. Next, your skin is intensely exfoliationed and smoothed to ptimise the penetration of the anti-ageing ingredients. An expert anti-ageing massage lifts the features, before a super-lifting mask is applied to fill deeper wrinkles and lift the contour the face an neck. After just one treatment you will already look 5 years younger. Your complexion will glow, lines will be less noticeable, and your skin firmer.
Thalgo Exceptional Ultimate Time Solution Ritual
This manual facelift using Thalgo’s revolutionary massage technique, EnergiLift, targets and tightens individual facial muscles and visibly lifts the entire face, providing the ultimate anti-ageing facial to combat all signs of ageing and hormonal deficencies. Following a deep cleanser and scrub to prepare the skin, the Ultimate Energilift Massage encourages absolute relaxation and maximum toning. This specific modelling massage helps to stretch and ‘work out’ the facial muscles around the eyes, lips, face and decollete to revive their original tone. The massage is combined with the Ultimate Time Solution Serum and Ultimate Time Solution Massage Cream, which contain powerful active ingredients to reshape facial contours. The Ultimate Time Solution Mask is then applied infusing the skin with Marine Bio-Cellulose, and a relaxing hand and arm massage is carried out whilst the mask is left to work. The treatment is completed with an application of Ultimate Time Solution Cream and Ultimate Time Solution serum for eyes and lips. Skin is left visibly smoother, brighter, lifted and nourished.
Thalgo iBeauty Treatment – Ingenious Skin Solutions $99
To provide a wide range of beauty services, Thalgo combines 3 innovative, proven, non-invasive, non-aggressive and completely safe technologies. Sound-Vibrations are a new generation, ultra-safe aesthetic peeling solution component of this device. This component exfoliates and purifies the skin on a cellular level. The Sequential Ultrasound is an original concentration of technologies component of the device which is perfect for optimum correction. This part drains, infuses and stimulates the cells as well as the fibrolysis technology which is dedicated to wrinkle correction. To finish off, the Tipolar Radia-Frequency components is an anti-ageing technology directly derived from aesthetic medicine. This component regenerates and plumps the skin and muscles. A perfect treatment for all skin types including those who redness and sensitivity.
Add 1 of these 3 iBeauty treatments to any of our Thalgo Facials for stunning results.  $45
Mer & Sens Hot Stone Facial $160
A unique combination of a signature ocean facial and hot stone massage. Stones are strategically placed on your body points to relieve your stress & tension & rebalance your energy flow. Includes hot stone reflexology.
Full leg including bikini. $70
3/4 leg $45
1/2 leg $30
Top leg including bikini $48
Bikini $20
G String $30
Brazillian $65
Underarm $20
1/2 Arm Wax $30
Full Arm Wax $35
Lip $15
Chin $15
Eyebrow $20
Sides of Face (starting from) $20
Eyebrow, lip & chin $40
Eyebrow wax & tint $35
Any 3 waxing treatments 10% off. BiodepyI Hair Retardant available.
Chest. $50
Back/Shoulders $50
All other waxing same as above,

Body Treatments enjoy 30 minutes in our steam capsule with any treatment for $20
Our state of the art skin and body treatments will pamper your body, face and soothe your soul. Spend an hour or a day – the results linger long after you leave. To enhance your treatment we will recommend an easy home care routine for you. Yes you can tame cellulite; with our state of the art Thalgo products going deep down to enhance circulation and invigorate, chasing away troublesome cellulite. Our essential oils have been designed especially for us. All body treatments are available as a one off – in a course results are sensational.
Indoceane $165
Indoceane is an intoxicating spa ritual, taking you on a journey of ultimate relaxation across the continents encompassing age-old tradtitions and rituals of beautification. This most sensual of treatments commences with soothing Egyptian Precious Milk bath foot ritual to relax and calm your senses. This is followed by a skin softening Mediterranean influenced body exfoliation that prepares your skin for the Ayurvedic-inspired massage that uses warmed oils and an ancient Indian technique. The final Asian step is a Silky Smooth body wrap which harnesses the serenity and relaxing powers of the Orient. After 90 minutes of hands-on therapy, you and your skin will feel intensely reinvigorated.
Thalgo Express Algae Detox Wrap $155
A rapid detox treatment, this body wrap features a detoxifying seaweed, to eliminate excess fluid and relieve tired and heavy legs, combined with refreshing and stimulating essential oils of Peppermint and Lavendar. After the seaweed wrap is removed, a relaxing massage is carried out using an oil blended especially for detox.
Marine Exfoliation & Mud Wrap $155
Your senses are awakened with the use of natural sea salts& marine mud to eliminate dead skin cells, refine the skins texture & invigorate the entire body by activating micro-circulation. Your feet will feel in heaven after this delicious reflex massage.
Mer & Sens Hot Stone Body Treatment $160
More than just another massage method. Mer and Sens is a complete purifying, re-mineralising and relaxing experience. Exfoliating and sculpting techniques with hot and cold stones leaves you balanced, centred and energised.Includes warm stone reflexology.
Body Quencher $80
A body exfoliation that will leave you feeling refreshed and alive. Followed by rehydration with a sumptuous moisturiser or hyrdrating body mask.
Full body scrub $45
Legs & arms $35

Full Body Massage $95
A full body massage using aromatherapy oils that are designed just for you to invigorate your mind, soothe away all aches and pains and to restore balance. Your choice of Deep tissue, Trigger Point or Swedish Massage.
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage $60
Soften those tense muscles with a relaxing or deep tissue.
Pregnancy Pamper $95
One hour full body massage, relieve pressure & revive body.
Half Day Top to Toe $255
Bliss & more bliss – Signature facial with eyebrow tidy, aromatherapy body massage, spa manicure & lunch.
Lady for a Day $430
Pure Indulgence – we start with a full body polish thenrelax in our steam capsule, 60 minutes of massage chosenfor your body type, a skin hydrating facial and eye brow tidy,spa manicure & pedicure – Lunch + champagne.
Relax & Revive $260
Relax the body & mind – body exfoliation with hot stones followed by a warm stone massage & ocean facialfollowed by herbal infusions & snacks.
New You $255
Back Massage, Express Facial. Spa Manicure& Pedicure – snacks.
After one day at Gemmas
youll feel as though youve been
on holiday for a month!

Spa Manicure $55
Relax while we trim and file your nails, exfoliate the hands,a sumptuous hand massage, finishing with moisturising creamand your choice of nail polish.
Spa Manicure Plus $65
As above but we add a moisturising and softeningparaffin wax.
Spa Pedicure $70
Relax while we trim and file your nails, exfoliate the feetfollowed by a scrumptious foot & leg massage, finishingwith your choice of nail polish.
Spa Pedicure Plus $75
As above but we add a moisturising and softeningfoot mask. You will feel like you are walking on air.
Mini nails with facial $25
Shape, buff & polish. $30
Polish only $20
Eyelash tint $25
Eyebrow tint $20
Eyelash & Eyebrow tint $40
Eyelash/brow tint with facial $20/$15
Eyebrow tint & wax $35
Talk to us about a personalised gift voucher where we can design a fabulous package for that someone special to suit their needs